Thursday, April 6, 2017


I have an update – and a diagnosis! Turns out all of this is transpiring as a result of vestibular migraines. I’ve struggled with “normal” migraines since high school, and have obvious vestibular issues as a result of my dysautonomia, and I guess after 27 years they’ve decided to get together and have a party. Also turns out that the ENT I saw a month and a half ago diagnosed this problem when I saw him, but neglected to tell me or explain that he doesn’t treat migraines and that I would need to go see a neurologist. And the neurologist, who has been in cahoots with said ENT, never told me that diagnosis either or offered a treatment plan. Needless to say this ENT is out of my doctor arsenal. The only reason I even found this out (after countless calls and messages to both physicians) was when I messaged him after my saint of a sister found vestibular migraines online, and his nurse called me back confused why I was so excited about finding out my diagnosis that had already been made.

So – there is at least a light at the end of the tunnel now. I’ve been started on a daily preventative medicine, which of course will take about a month to fully get in my system, and I’m working on getting an as needed med to get me through until then. Short and sweet update. I’m still feeling pretty awful 75% of the time but at least I know the cause, and there is a treatment! Something I’ve not always had the fortune of having. And now we wait…

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